June 20, 2012 | by Liam

Where to Find your Design Inspiration

Inspiration can come at any time, any where and from any thing but sometimes it can be very difficult to find! Before starting to think about the design of a project you must first have an understanding of who your potential customers are, their needs, and what their expectations are. Once you have established these details then you are ready to think about your design. Here are a few areas that you could look for some inspiration:


The environment – the outdoors provide many inspirational opportunities.
Nature – look at colours and shapes.
Hobbies – you can find inspiration in the things you already do and enjoy.
Designers blogs – this is where designers showcase the best of their work so they get noticed. You will find plenty of inspiration here.
Major brands – look at how they use design to get themselves noticed.
Art through different eras – you may be inspired to think differently.
Buildings and architecture – all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Billboards – the creativity found here can be very inspirational.
Shops – look at the way fashion and jewellery are designed.
Books – look at book illustrations.
Magazines – look at page design, layout and typography.
Music covers


By looking to the above for inspiration you will find new ways to look at everyday things.


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