July 13, 2012 | by Liam

The Importance of Consistent Branding

To start let’s briefly explain what a brand is. A brand is your companies proposition or message telling people what your brand promises.


Your companies brand is very important, it gives you an identity that people will remember you by. A common pitfall for many businesses, regardless of size is lack of brand consistency. Essentially brand consistency means using the same colours, fonts, look and style for all methods of communication including your business cards, website and brochures. Consistent branding is about ensuring that all communication messages and marketing materials are going in the same direction. This consistency should be applied to both images and copy. The advantages of keeping your branding message consistent are recognition and familiarity, which will in turn improve customer loyalty. If you give a consistent message to your consumers you will develop a personality and gain credibility within the marketplace. If you are inconsistent in your promotional material then you may cause confusion or the consumer may fail to remember you at all. You must ensure that your companies brand message is clear, consistent and compelling and conveys your company personality. Brand management is vital as people are more likely to purchase from a business they think they know.


You should treat every piece of marketing material as a member of the same family who has its own distinct look which will set it apart from competing brands. Although the ‘look’ of the brand may evolve slowly over time the core message of a successful brand should never really change. If your brand is consistent and uniform then you will be perceived as a company that is stable, credible and confident.


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