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Scotland’s Digital Future

The Scottish Government, in their publication ‘Scotland’s Digital Future – Infrastructure Action Plan’ set out their commitment and steps they will take to deliver world-class, future proofed digital infrastructure across all of Scotland by 2020. The purpose of the plan is to improve the populations ability to access the internet, whether it be from home, at work or while on the move.


The report states that this will improve the ability of businesses to compete in the global market, attract inward investment, transform the delivery of public services, respond to the challenges of a low carbon economy and have vibrant, strong and connected communities. In doing this it will make a major contribution to the Government’s purpose of “making Scotland a more successful country, with opportunities for all to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth for all of Scotland”.


The Government’s plan has set out four programmes, that when combined will meet their ambition and deliver a world class infrastructure for Scotland.


Programme 1: Achieving a step change by 2015 – this will address the current digital divide and put in place infrastructure in those places that the market will currently not go to ensure a step change in speeds by 2015.


Programme 2: Achieving World-Class by 2020 – will deliver a longer term plan, developed in parallel with Programme 1, to ensure we have the right mechanisms, partnerships and commercial models in place to deliver world class infrastructure in a sustainable way and in partnership with industry.


Programme 3: Demonstrating and delivering innovative and local solutions – This will be targeted at promoting locally based projects and programmes and also trialling new technologies.


Programme 4: Increasing take-up and useage. This will be targeted at raising digital participation rates (for businesses and individuals) and raising demand for services, helping to improve the commercial case for investment and delivering better outcomes for Scotland.


In delivering the 4 programmes above the Scottish Government have set a number of key principals that will frame their approach:


  • be based on a shared vision that supports our overarching purpose of delivering sustainable economic growth.
  • deliver a future proofed infrastructure that will enable Scotland to keep pace with and surpass international benchmarks.
  • deliver a world-class infrastructure which means delivering in terms of speed and ease of access, geographical coverage, and price and choice of provision for consumers.
  • ensure value for money. Public sector investment and public sector demand for services must ensure that industry investment in Scotland goes beyond current plans to deliver improved speeds to people more quickly.
  • deliver a return on investment to the public sector as well as the private sector.
  • promote rural and community benefits, by supporting local projects and through contractual arrangements including education and improved technology.


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