February 7, 2017 | by Liam

Print is not dead!

There’s been a lot written recently about the relatively rapid demise of print in this digital age. However, there is still a rightful place for it.

There’s undeniably no substitute for the look and feel of high quality printed literature. Holding and leafing through the pages of a well-designed brochure, for example, is equally engaging (to use digital terminology) as any website. It also provides the information, but has the added benefit of being a tactile sensory experience!

There’s no denying the currency and immediacy of digital media; indeed we ourselves promote those benefits to our clients. However, when the situation demands it, print has a very important role in promoting a company’s profile and can still be key in the marketing mix.

We are therefore not only proud of the Inverarity Morton website, but also to have designed and produced this beautiful – and functional – example of print.

To see more examples of our successful partnership with Inverarity Morton, take a look at our case study

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