May 30, 2012 | by Liam

Identifying your Target Audience for Design Projects

Effective design, whether it be for print or your website should complement your company and its products or services. To captivate your audience you will require an understanding of your target audience, this will give a clear direction of who you are designing for. The content, design, fonts, images and colours of your website and print design are focused at particular types of people – your target audience. To help you define your target audience here are a number of tips:


Brainstorming – think of words and phrases that will describe the people you are aiming your product or service at. Consider the demographics of your potential clients: age group, gender, educational level, geographical location. Also look into the psychographics:  attitude, personality, lifestyle, interests and hobbies.


Look at your competition – Who are your competitors targeting and who are their current customers?. Determine your competitions target audience and try to offer something different to attract their clients to you.


Benefits – identify the benefits of your product. Try writing a list of each feature of your product and detail what benefits they provide to your audience.


Industry trends – Research into the trends of your industry. This ensures that you can take advantage of positive trends and protect yourself against any that would affect your business.


Market size – determine how big your audience is. How many people are you aiming your product at? The design will be unsuccessful if only are few people are attracted to it!


Defining your target audience may be challenging but it is a very important process that will make it a lot easier to work out your design and make it easier to reach your project goals. This in turn will help to reach your potential clients and generate business.


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