August 8, 2013 | by Liam

How Secure Is Your Website?

As the demand for content management systems (CMS) grows, so too does the threat of your website being hacked. Below is a superb infographic demonstrating how secure websites are compared to your own computer. This follows on from a spate of attacks to CMS websites, you can read more on the attacks via this BBC article

As a precaution, we have increased the security on all of our hosted websites in order to fend these attacks off.

Our top tips for keeping your website secure are:

  • Keep it up to date, you can update your CMS from within the control panel.
  • Ensure usernames and passwords are secure, a mixture of upper case, lower case and symbols is always a good start.
  • Create back ups of your website regularly.

These tasks can be quite daunting to individuals with no web experience, don’t worry we are always here to help!


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