June 10, 2014 | by Liam

Web Design FAQ – How Long Does It Take?

Part three of our web design FAQ’s looks at the million dollar question – how long will it take?

The quick answer is…how long is a piece of string?

It depends on what kind of website you require. Is it a simple 5 page non-responsive site? What kind of features are you looking for? Are you selling products?

These are questions we ask at the beginning of our relationship with a client in order for us to determine the complexity of a project. This in turn allows us to gain an understanding of the cost and timescale.

Below we have separated out projects of different sizes we have worked on and estimated timescales for each.

A small, 5 page non-responsive website

This is an entry level website project. A small Content Management System (CMS) led website that has a few content led pages but lacks any form of advanced features.

Example: www.fallsofholm.com

Realistic timescale: 1-2 months

A medium sized website with 10-20 pages of content

We move up in scale with a medium sized website. This will typically have 10-20 pages of content with some form of advanced functionality, perhaps a form, gallery or social media integration.

Example: www.scothunt.co.uk

Realistic timescale: 2-3 months

Large scale content driven website

This type of project may have 30+ pages of content, all of which we have to set up and apply content to. There may also be advanced functionality in the form of an events calendar and extensive news section.

Example: www.triathlonscotland.org

Realistic timescale: 3-5 months

Large complex website with advanced features

If you are looking for a website that utilises advanced features such as a shopping cart, advanced search/filters, events or forums then this all adds time to the development process and would fall into the large complex category.

These projects typically have a lot going on in the back end and require extensive monitoring.

Example: www.murraydonald.co.uk

Realistic timescale: 6+ months

Of course these are just rough estimates. Delays to projects aren’t uncommon.

What causes these delays? I hear you ask.

This is a much easier question to answer. Content!!

From our own experiences, this is the single biggest reason for a project missing its deadline. It is vital that you have your content prepared in the early stages of the project.

Every project we take on is collaborative because you know your organisation better than anyone. You have a bigger impact on your website project than you think.

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