July 19, 2012 | by Liam

Building a Good Client-Designer Relationship

It is very rare that a good business relationship will just happen, like any other relationship it is something that needs to be worked on. In graphic design, client and designer relationships are crucial to the project being successful. This post will concentrate on tips that will help to establish a good relationship.


Establish your roles – The role of the client is that they need to provide the designer with in-depth knowledge about their business and market. They should also provide a clear and lucid design brief. The role of the designer is to listen to the clients requirements whilst respecting their business. The designer is then expected to offer solutions in response to the brief set by the client. If roles are established early on then then this will pave the way to a healthy relationship.


Talk the project through – Good communication is extremely important if you are to maintain a good client-designer relationship and avoid problems. Always think long term so you can understand why a concept may not be viable further down the road.


Be Timely – Time and deadlines play a major part in communication and the completion of a project.The designer should understand that they need to meet the deadlines set by the client. It is the responsibility of the designer to ensure that the client is updated with the progress of a project. To ensure timely completion of a project it is the responsibility of the client to provide all relevant information to the designer.


Be available – Both the client and the designer need to be available and reachable as much as possible throughout the project, especially when nearing the deadline. This will give the client peace of mind if and when problems may occur.


Ensure quality – The work quality from the designer and the ability to meet client specifications and expectations help to build trust.


Meet deadlines – Meeting a deadline is vital in gaining trust from the client and ultimately whether there will be a continued working relationship following the initial project.


Carry on a relationship after completion – An important part of building an ongoing working relationship is to keep in touch, even if there are no upcoming projects. In doing this the client will feel valued and the designer will remain in the clients mind for other projects.


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