February 18, 2013 | by Liam

Beautiful Font Combinations

Following on from our 6 Web Design Trends for 2013 article, we take a look at one of the trends of the year, typography.

One of the most crucial parts for any design project, be it for web or for print, is choosing the right mix of fonts. A good combination of typefaces can really enhance the design, equally, choosing a bad mix can be disastrous! Below are some examples of font combinations that we think work perfectly.


The Timerland website uses a combination of a big, bold and chunky serif font called Lubalin, complimented by an equally bold Trade Gothic.


The Beauty Shoppe

The Beauty Shoppe utilise slender and elegant fonts in Nixie One for the headings and Open Sans for the body text.

A beautiful combination.


Virgin America

Vibrancy is the message from Virgin Atlantic. Combining FS Sinclair, Vitesse Sans and Vitesse with a complimentary colour palette to achieve the ideal look.


Ana Majik

Ana Majik achieve a natural and minimalist look by combining FF Tisa and Josefin Slab.


826 Seattle

There are quite a few fonts featured on the 826 Seattle website however it is the big, bold Futura headers combined with Museo Sans that caught our eye.


This is Tommy

And finally, a combination everyone can achieve…for free!

One of our favourite free fonts, Bebas has been combined with Arial to achieve a bold look.


From Twitter