Our Team

We are an exceptionally talented, experienced and dedicated team of design, web and marketing professionals who listen, define, create and deliver unique results that will take your business further and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

David Williams

Managing Director

In the creative business for over 40 years … and reluctant carer of Willis, a tortoise with attitude. Wants to be a famous watercolour artist. (David that is, not Willis)

Dave Bruce

Design Director

Likes a bit of gardening, even creating the odd sculpture now & again. Used to be a dab hand at visualising with an airbrush. New technology simply enhances creative talent.

Irvine Strang

Design Director

Spends as much time in the studio as he can and is related to a massive Aussie rugby player. No connection, just a fact. Irvine just tackles design challenges head on.

John Lithgow

Design Director

Gets very excited when he has a chance to use 'designery' paper for a print job. Almost as excited as when his team wins something 'silvery', and just as committed to a good result.

Mhorag McDougall

Senior Designer

In what passes as enjoyment, Mho deliberately tries to stop a puck travelling upwards of 100 mph whilst balancing on 2 bits of metal. Respect. She's a brave designer too.

Liam Young

Web Design & Development

A real-ale and mobile phone fan, on a mission to play every golf course in Scotland and design the best websites. To be honest, he'll only manage the latter.

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