May 7, 2013 | by Liam

6 Web Design Trends for 2013

The year 2012 brought a huge advance in new web design trends. The ever evolving web means that we, as designers, can’t rest on our laurels. Some of these past trends may disappear completely and some may carry on through 2013.

It’s never easy predicting the latest trends, however we will now take a look at what we think will be the most important trends in 2013.

Responsive Layouts

While this isn’t a new trend or technology, we believe responsive layouts will be at the forefront of web design in 2013. The popularity of mobile devices means that users are looking for a better experience when it comes to browsing their favourite sites on their mobile.

You can find out more responsive design by reading our previous blog post – What is Responsive Web Design.

You can also view a collection of responsive websites by visiting –

Fixed Headers

Navigation is one of the key ingredients to a successful website. Again, another trend which has been around a while but one which is now coming to the forefront is fixed headers.

As visitors scroll your website, the header area remains in place, giving users easy access to the navigation and other features which may be placed on the header.

Some good examples can be found here – – and of course our own website!

Full Size Background Images

One of the most eye-catching trends of 2013 is the introduction of full sized background images. By choosing the right image and blending in the correct layout, this can have a huge impact on the user experience while also enhancing your online brand.

Couple full sized background images with minimal design to be right on trend.

You can see how we integrated this technique on the Gym 64 website.


2012 seen the take-off of Google Fonts, an online library of web-safe fonts. This has taken away the need for un-safe fonts to be represented by images and in turn has allowed designers to be freely expressive with type.

We reckon that 2013 will be the year where designers will be breaking the boundaries when it comes to typography on the web.

Examples of typography on the web can be seen here –

Infinite Scrolling

One of the common misconceptions from clients is the need for no scrolling on their websites. In fact the opposite is true. Users are becoming more and savvier when it comes to how they interact with the web.

A technique known as infinite scrolling is becoming more popular with sites such as Pinterest implementing it on their website. While it isn’t a technique that will work for every website, for sites such as blogs, this can be an excellent way to layout your website.


The introduction of circles on the web is something that has been given a lot of attention from designers recently. This is mainly down to the introduction of a technique within CSS3 which allows the formation of circles without the need for images which slow down your website.

Some excellent examples can be seen here –


While this list is not exhaustive of all the trends for 2013, we believe that these are some of the more important and interesting ones for the year ahead. As the year progresses new trends will pop up therefore it is vital as a designer to keep up to date and pass this knowledge onto our clients.


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